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Terms of use

This link portal refers to the fascinating and global spread world of GDL (geometric description language).
Links and contributions therefore should only have to do with GDL.
The users of this portal have to follow the conditions of use below.

1. Register websites:
Please register only websites, that have a high relevance to GDL. The websites are checked before the activation editorially and are activated if they fit on the theme of GDL.
The site should have an own URL (web address). Dubious Domains (e.g., will not be activated.

Advertising sides, link pools, banners and partner program sites are not allowed and will not be activated. The same one counts to sites which pass on only on other web pages (redirecting), PopUp skidding, dialer-pages and similar sites.

The contents of announced websites may not offend against valid right, morality and good customs or the rights of third parties. If unlawful contents on a site are introduced after the activation, it will lead to the deletion of the link.

Free GDL objects of special manufacturers should be taken in one of the categories of "manufacturers" and not in the category of "free objects".

Only one link per web page may be announced and it must be assigned to an adequate category. By request multiple entries are also allowed if unambiguously several subject areas are offered.

The abuse of the comment system leads to the deletion of the user's account and the links of the user.

There is no legal entitlement to the registration in the link portal and we reserve ourselves to extinguish links also without information of reasons.

The use of the link portal happens on own risk of the user. The operator does not stick for possible damages which originate from the use of the portal. Besides, the operator does not guarantee the constant availability of the portal and its contents and takes over no liability for server failures or other events which limit the availability of the portal all or part as well as temporarily or completely.

2. Deletion of links and accounts:
If a user offends against the terms of utilisation performed here, his account and the links sent by him are also extinguished after a activation completely and without information by reasons.
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