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::: Welcome to ::: is a link portal for GDL (Geometric Description Language):
Here you can find a lot of collected GDL links from the web.
This collection is not complete, so please feel free to add new links.

Blogs (7)
Weblogs around ArchiCAD and GDL
Communities (2)
GDL communities and alliances
Documentation (15)
command references and other GDL documentation
Free GDL Objects (21)
free objects for download
GDL Developers (12)
Companies or persons, who offer the service of GDL programming
GDL for beginners (2)
GDL Object Shops (12)
web shops for GDL objects
Manufacturers (37)
manufacturers with dowloadable GDL objects
News Groups (4)
web forum and news groups
Software (2)
Software for GDL-Editing, GDL-Tools etc., API Addons
Tips and Tricks (4)
tips, tricks, tutorials for GDL programmers
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